Hey lovelies, I know I am posting way too much since yesterday. But will you believe if I tell you that I met a siberian husky in India?

No… Right? As you know that a Siberian husky can live in 75 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, and right now the temperature in India (Kolkata) is more than 83 degrees Fahrenheit, now that means way too hot. Though he is kept in a air-conditioned house.

Now let me tell you, I came back to India today and as I am a restless soul I got back to my regular stuff. I met this 6 months handsome guy while I was waiting for my uber. 

Now those who know me well and my love for these sweehearts, before you ask me, let me tell you I didn’t let this sweetheart come upon me because of only one reason I needed a shower and it was way too hot and I was sweating like hell.  All thanks to Mr. Pallav Mitra and Mr. Biswarup Dutta for these amazing clicks.

That was a lovely meeting I will say as it took all my tiredness away. Now at least I know one thing I can get a Siberian husky too or wait, maybe a wolf… Yaaaaaay!!! You never know….! As I am way too unpredictable. Lol!

By the way in other news on 17th and 18th November I will be in L.A, U.S.A for some meeting, I hope to visit some paranormal places too, obviously for my paranormal niche.

So that’s all from me today. See you on Sunday.

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