As everyone who read my last post knows I was pretty upset due to “stuff” thank you for wishing good for me. And those who said “This too shall pass” you guys have won my heart. Well on Thursday night after reading (Thanks to David), I started feeling normal. But, it was short lived; within the very next hour I read something which again pissed me off..

So on the very next day I decided to go for shopping as I knew now this is the only thing that will help me. Though it is monsoon here still Shopping is always great isn’t it?

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So as I was saying shopping, I love wearing maxi dresses. And to be very honest as I do not have a photographer who can click my pictures in all these dresses I have to upload the pictures of only the dresses. Though I must thanks Fbb because I loved their collection this time…

Though I love black but this last blue dress captured my heart. And now I can say I am FINE. 

Happy Shopping and Thank You readers for being by my side.

See you Soon..

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