4 Tips To Help You Choose Wisely When Buying Loose Diamonds

If you are thinking of exploring the option of buying some expensive gems like diamonds, for example, then there are a number of things that you need to be aware of before you make that all important purchase. There are so many different kinds of diamonds to choose from and it is not the same as going into some local stores as your options there could be limited to what they have in stock.

The following is a guide to help you chose your diamond.

1: You need to figure out what shape of diamond you want. This may be based on the wearer’s needs or your own opinion if it is for you. If you are not sure and buying diamonds is quite new to you, then it would be best to choose a round or princess cut. A round shape will provide more brilliance and scintillation than other shapes of diamonds. Round diamonds tend to suit nearly every ring setting and they always remain popular, such as Argyle Pink Diamonds.

2: Now, you need to decide on a minimum carat weight based on the wearer’s wants. It is no good purchasing a half carat diamond even if it looks just amazing if the customer has set their sights on a one-carat diamond. However, if you can locate a diamond that falls just below the popular weights like a half, three quarters or one carat, then you can buy these at a discounted rate. The recipient may be happy to take 2 or 3 smaller diamonds to make up the total carats that they want.


3: Finding a diamond that fits your budget can be difficult, but you can make some concessions to arrive at a suitable one. Lower the clarity and consider lowering the color as well. You can also lower the cut and for round diamonds, you can go as low as very good and for fancy shapes, you can go to good. If you are getting close to your budgeted price, then maybe go just below the carat weight as this is very difficult to spot just be looking at it.

4: If you are choosing what is called a colorless diamond, then look for G-J diamonds, because it is much easier to spot color in larger diamonds than it is in smaller ones. Think of a glass of white wine and then consider the color of a carafe of white wine. The color is more easily distinguishable in a larger size.

When it comes to certification of your choice of diamond, remember that all laboratories are different and some are influenced by the retailer to reduce their standards, which may mean that you might be buying a low-quality diamond that has a higher rating. Only buy your diamonds from a jeweler or supplier with a good reputation and just because a retailer tells you that they are GIA trained doesn’t mean that their diamonds are acceptable.















Image Sources: FreePik, Wikipedia and Pexel

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