I needed to compose this article since I get extremely steamed when individuals adversely remark on our age. They say that we come up short on the fundamental conduct, we are into ourselves, and we do not have the eagerness to change the world. Presently, a portion of the things that individuals say has some reality, however on the off chance that anything we have been the most comprehensive age to date.

At the point when twenty to thirty-year-olds were growing up there would have been a more liberal way to deal with financial matters and legislative issues than in earlier decades. This age is suspected to be antagonistically influenced by the Great Recession and the monetary and social harm caused by it. Twenty to thirty-year-olds are frequently referred to as being more confident than past ages, they will likewise have a solid feeling of urban duty, a sound work-life balance and have socially liberal perspectives. This gathering was portrayed by the moving societal estimations of their chance; more separations, more ladies in the working environment, anyway when the age was in its early stages it was known as the MTV Generation and were said to be skeptical and lethargic. They are described by their nature with correspondences, media, and innovation, they would have experienced childhood in a more liberal political and financial world than previously and survived the Great Recession. This age would be described by their mass use of the Internet since early on, they are alright with innovation and associate via web-based networking media, growing up through the Great Recession may have given the age the sentiment of unsettlement or frailty.

Advantages of Millennials:

We feel entitled.

I went to my neices senior high school function, and an educator there communicated how this age feels just as they are qualified for everything. That’s true! As recent college grads, we have been pampered by our friends and family and instructed that we merit the world. We even got investment grants for losing an opposition! Like, what is that? On the off chance that anything, the world does not owe us anything. Keeping in mind the end goal to win something, we should work for it.

We as a whole need approval.

We go via web-based networking media and we look for consideration. On the off chance that we don’t have “x measure of preferences” on a photo or “x measure of devotees” we naturally accept that we are not commendable. For what reason would we say we are continually approving ourselves by the number of preferences we got on a tweet or a photo? It doesn’t gauge how astonishing our identity is. That is to say, probably the most persuasive individuals had a little gathering of devotees.

We need conduct.

This announcement is a cream. I realize that there are a few people in this age who are helping people. They hold entryways open for individuals, and on the off chance that somebody requests enable, they to offer it to them. Be that as it may, I do see when others around my age don’t hold the entryway open for outsiders, say thank you when an outsider accomplishes something pleasant for them, or say howdy to the individual sitting alongside them. It is basic. Treat others the manner in which you need to be dealt with.

The main way we are straightforward is through a screen.

At the point when is the last time, you told somebody the amount you acknowledge and love all that they do? When we converse with our smash, that is the main way we will admit to them the amount we like them. Or on the other hand, when somebody says something we don’t care for, we consequently assault them through web-based life since we won’t have the guts to state it to their face. In the event that just we were as overcome face to face as we are through a virtual world.

We have such a large number of assets to change the world, however, we come up short on the eagerness to do it.

Keep in mind when we were little and said we needed to be the President of the United States. Despite everything we can change the world regardless of whether we can’t really move toward becoming president. We have innovation that empowers us to impact others in manners that individuals couldn’t before. We simply need to make the decision to our objective and overlook things that keep us from improving the situation.

Disadvantages of Millennials:

We are comprehensive.

We have been the most tolerating age that has existed. We beat the individuals who victimized minorities, and we are tolerating to the individuals who recognize as cross-sexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender. We take everybody as they may be.

We adore being assorted

Regardless of whether we are Hispanic, Asian, White, or Black, we as a whole battle for one another rights. In the event that one side is assaulted, we protect one another. We are joined when we are looked with difficulty, and we join to battle the shared adversary.

We appreciate assisting

Regardless of whether it is the issue with Syrian evacuees or battling against third world destitution, we need to guarantee that everybody out there is equipped for being as fruitful as we may be. We comprehend giving back. Has that, as well as organizations can imagine Toms offer shod to those in need with each buy. We tend to help those organizations more.

We have huge objectives

A few people will take a gander at this badly, however, I feel that it makes us extraordinarily one of a kind. We realize that we as a whole have it in us to decidedly affect the world, and that is an astounding thing! We set up every one of these objectives in our mind since we realize that we are fit for achieving them.

We know how to cooperate

Let’s be realistic! In the event that we as a whole felt like a test was hard, we as a whole energize one another and say “On the off chance that you go down, I am running down with you!” We look for profound associations with each other and endeavor to communicate with one another at an individual level.

We know we have the ability to change the world

Regardless of how negative the more seasoned ages see us twenty to thirty-year-olds, we know we are the ones slice out to spare the world. We need to help the individuals who aren’t as special as us, and we know we have the answers to fix things like environmental change. With our basic reasoning and imagination abilities, we have the ability to affect the world to improve things.

Six thoughts upon Millennials

David Elliott from The Single Dad’s Guide To Life: I think you summed up a lot of them. I also think they aren’t as interested in marriage. Many feel like marriage doesn’t work and they don’t want to start a family when all the families they see around them are crumbling. I think they suffer from depression more than other generations but that could either be a cause of better mental health care recognizing issues or over-prescribing drugs that have negatively affected them. These, of course, are generalities and not specific. Millennials are very passionate as well. I see that you feel millennials have things going for them positively and negatively. You need to sum up what you are trying to say. I know you have a lot of opinions about the topic. I think this is the most I have seen you write on anyone issues so I know you feel strongly. I would take the negative stuff and try to frame it in a more positive light. It’s just that you value yourself and those around you more. That way you take the emotion self-worth and put a more positive spin on it.

David Elliott

Cannot mention name: I feel that millennial have a sense of entitlement. They don’t know what it is like to have to earn privileges. They don’t know what it is like to have to actually DO the things that need to be done in order to have. They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and spoon fed to them directly.

Dalene Ekirapa from Dalene Ekirapa: Millennials are not useless, their thinking is just so much different as compared to the older generation. Take the example of any work environment. It’s common to see many millennials who don’t love the job not doing it to their level best. At the same time, for one who loves it pushes for success so seriously. And also, we are so keen on our skills and talents these days thus can be termed as ‘foolish’ by the older generation especially over here. Mind you, while I do blogging, I also do Quantity Surveying. Not that I don’t like it but it’s something I wouldn’t want to seriously do in the near future since I plan to go into my passion for blogging fully. Now, this can be termed as ‘useless’ by the older generation. As well, as technology takes up almost every space making work easier, it’s common to see many Millennials laying back and not having to do anything, unlike the older generation who back then would have to do it all. So I won’t blame them if they consider us to be lazy. Look at Facebook, developed by a millennial, all these apps, tech work… Most developed by Millennials. So we aren’t useless at all. And for the guys of the older generation who incorporate and work together will Millennials, we’ve seen them become a force to reckon with since for sure, we should move with trends. So above all, I’d say that we aren’t useless. We just need to be challenged, nurtured and given that space to show what we can do. And we do it better!

Dalene Ekirapa

Salona Surjoo from Love in Abundance: Millennials, in my opinion, have a totally different perspective on life compared to their elders. This can be great when we look at those who have made a positive impact in their communities or society at a larger scale. While not so great when we look at those who have just destroyed their youth or were a cause of pain and suffering to themselves and others. In my opinion, I think that us millennials have a different perspective on life, which is rather carefree and unbound by the social conditioning and restrictions of society before them. We see things from a point of experience rather than accumulative items to ‘show wealth’. And in my opinion, that is fantastic. Perhaps that also means that we might not have assets or are in a positive to grow a family. But I feel that having a carefree mindset, can attract abundance and in attracting abundance we a can create stability.

Salona Surjoo

Crisly Zerrudo from Empowering and Uplifting: I think other people call us lazy because generally speaking, millennials are lazy. Because we have the choice to be so. We are living in a world where digital is a big part if our lives. Do we need food? We don’t need to cook or go out of our house to get food, just a few clicks and food will be delivered at our doorsteps. On the other hand, in some part of the world, there are millennials who cannot enjoy being lazy, especially the part where digital doesn’t exist. If you think about it, it’s not really about the generations, it’s about technology. Millennials are using the technology to make lives easier. Why would you want to spend hours, days, and months going out, looking for a job if you can spend a few minutes every day working on creating an income digitally? Technology is a big part of our lives where we can do almost everything without leaving the comfort of our home.

Crisly Zerrudo

John Sallie from Doyen Digital Nomads: Well, all my four children are all millennials so I may be biased but one thing I do feel is that the cause of much of the youth’s depression and anxiety is a result of the overuse and electronics and resulting disconnect from nature. At our base level we are animals and yet we ourselves have removed ourselves from our own habitat. A simple walk in the forest can prove this point.

Author John Sallie

I would love to know your thoughts too. So see you soon again. Till then Stay safe and Take Care.

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