Types of People You Should Stay Away From

There are many kinds of people whom we meet at points of our life. Some are good, some are not. But there are some kinds of people among all those who are absolutely not good for us. They obviously affect our mental health. Here are three types of people one should stay away from.

The Manipulator: These people are the most difficult of all. They are experts of control, in spite of the fact that they presumably believe they’re uber-useful. Manipulators are ace catch pushers who will go after your weaknesses to inspire you to fall into line. You can spot controllers immediately when you understand they’re typically endeavoring to persuade you regarding something that they need you to do, on their terms. Abstain from surrendering control in your life to one of these.

The Self-Claimed Victims: These people keep on claiming that how this or that had happened to them and they do not have good luck. It is like as if they are the only ones who have issues and others do not have troubles in their lives. Sooner or later, being around this kind of consistent “poor me” will end up perilous to your prosperity. Unfortunate casualties are regularly searching for others to approve their sentiments and it tends to be a tricky incline between being caring and steady and acknowledging you ought to have defined a few limits. 

The Underminers: These are the type of people who absolutely are disgusting. If you personally ask me I can handle a manipulator rather than have these sort of people around me. Let me tell you why. Do you realize that individual who professes to be your well-wisher yet dependably has a sharp comment that brings you down? Stowing away under the appearance of being your ally, the underminer enjoys incredible telling you your deficiencies, quirks, and oversights. Your abilities and victories? They’re not as fascinating. What the underminer needs is to feel great when others come up short, or believe they’re coming up short. Enormous slip-up to permit one of these into your life.

Photography by Patrick Hendry

See, in the journey of life, we meet various kinds of people. These three type of people you find in maximum cases. So try to stay safe from these people to save your sanity…

Did I miss out on any or any kind of person you would like to add here in the list. Let me know in the comments. So I will end it here now. See you soon again. Till then Stay safe and Take care.

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24 thoughts on “Types of People You Should Stay Away From

  1. Reika Misaki says:

    I think we should identify if these people would be good if we stay with them or not. I think it’s also nice to get rid of toxic people, no matter how close you are with each other. Not cutting them off completely, but changing the people surrounding you.

  2. Alexandra Cook says:

    This is such a great post! I couldn’t agree more that weeding some people out of your life is vital to keeping happy and successful.

  3. Kiwi says:

    I know a lot of victims and it is sad because they become someone who is always crying for help. Manipulators are the worst kind of people because they bend things for their own gain.

  4. Shubh says:

    I hate underminers. Manipulators are easy to get rid off. I generally give attention to self-claimed victims but some of them act like a victim for useless reasons which is really annoying.

  5. Anna says:

    I would be surprised if we haven’t all experienced each of these types of people. Hopefully people recognize them early enough not to get sucked into the drama and stress of spending time with them.

  6. Nina says:

    I completely and totally agree, manipulative people are like quicksand! In order for you to live a positive and productive life you have to surround yourself with people that build you up and not tear you down!

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