Legends about Werewolves

Werewolf legends are overwhelmingly found in old stories common crosswise over Europe. On account of Vlad Tepes III, the fantasy of Dracula has a source point, however a long way from approved. Be that as it may, nobody can state with assurance when in history the legend of the werewolf began. History specialists commonly call attention to that Greek folklore is the wellspring of this fantasy. Yet, Montague Summers, in his 1928’s generally acclaimed book The Werewolf, specified that the Greeks may have received the possibility of lycanthropy from the old Phoenician faction. The religion began in 1200 BC and had existed until 539 BC. With summer’s case and the clique’s age, taken together, we discover the inception of the werewolf fantasy follows back a couple of thousand years. Starting points aside, in addition, one of a kind is the means by which each culture has its very own interpretation of the werewolf legend. This legendary animal really is a global verifiable puzzle.

I have managed to collect the myths about werewolves from all over the world, which I will mention here.

Iceland and Norway

Though the countries are very far from each other yet they share a similar myth. The most celebrated werewolf story in the Volsunga Saga is the account of dad and child, Sigmund and Sinfjotli. While meandering in the forested areas, Sigmund and Sinfjotli happen upon a cabin where they discover two entranced wolf pelts. Whenever put on, either pelt will transform a man into a wolf and will have the power, cleverness, and valor of wolves. Be that as it may, the pelt must be removed each tenth day. Having put on the pelts, Sigmund and Sinfjotli transform into wolves and start meandering about the woods together. Before they split up, they consented to yell to one another if both of them experiences seven men to battle at any given moment. Sinfjotli, the child, breaks the assertion and kills 11 men at one time. Irritated, Sigmund lethally harms his child. Be that as it may, at that point a raven, the flag-bearer of Odin, expedites a recuperating leaf to put Sinfjotli’s injury. After Sinfjotli is recuperated from his injury, he and his dad remove the charmed wolf pelts as the tenth day arrived. They consumed the pelts to fiery remains and liberated themselves from the scourge of lycanthropy.


Werewolves in Mexico are known as the Nahual or Nagual. Both are articulated Na’wal. Despite the fact that Mexico was a province of Spain for a long time, the werewolf legend pervasive in the nation did not coexist with the European werewolf legend. The legend stays in its unique shape right up ’til today. That being stated, the confidence in Mexican werewolfism or nagualism shifts from area to the district. It is accepted by some Mesoamerican Indians that the nahual is a gatekeeper soul that dwells in a creature, for example, deer, panther, bird, wildcat, mountain lion, et cetera. In different locales, and in a more unpropitious variant of nagualism, it is trusted that intense men can change themselves into a creature to cause hurt. A relationship exists between the last conviction and the word ‘nahual’, which started from the word ‘nahualli‘, signifying “mask”. This alludes to the witchcraft by which mystical performers change their physical structures into that of a creature.


The Greek cause of the werewolf legend has numerous variations. One of the soonest and the best-known emphasis is found in the Roman artist Ovid’s sonnet Metamorphoses, which was distributed in 8 AD. As per Ovid: King Lycaon was the despot of Arcadia. One day Zeus went to Lycaon’s castle taking on the appearance of a customary man. After Zeus had uncovered his actual character, the ruler secretly conceived an arrangement to test whether he really was a divine being. Ruler Lycaon murdered one of his prisoners named Epirus, bubbled and broiled the injured individual’s substance, and served it to Zeus. Zeus did not eat it. Totally incensed, he set the ruler’s castle ablaze and executed his 50 children with lighting jolts, reviled the lord, and sent him into the wild where he changed into a yelling wolf.

North America

With regards to genuine werewolf legends in America, they are predominantly acquired from the European pioneers. At the point when these pioneers started settling North America (referred to then as the New World), they saw a significant populace of wolves – genuine wolves. At the point when their legends blended with those of Native American werewolf legends – as of now in presence before the European entries, America made the werewolf fantasy we see today.

South America

The Luison, or el lobizon, is the South American werewolf. Its portrayal has just been canvassed in another article on Listverse. Before we start diving into its inception, we should talk somewhat more about the luison. The fantasy of the luison basically wins in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It was trusted that the seventh child of a group of all young men would transform into a lusion the evening of a full moon, particularly on the off chance that it fell on a Friday. The conviction was particularly solid in Argentina. So solid was this conviction that the Argentine President, Juan Domingo Perón, declared that every single seventh child of a family should be sanctified through the water.

The inception of the lusion legend is found in Guarani folklore. The Guarani are the indigenous individuals of Paraguay whose folklore expressed there were seven beasts. Of the seven beasts, the last one, known as lusion, was awfully disfigured in appearance (yet had no obvious likeness with a wolf) and came to known as the God of Death.

At the point when the Europeans colonized South America, luison’s relationship with death started to melt away after some time. The lusion fantasy in the end blended with European werewolf legends. Presently the luison is viewed as an animal that is half man and half wolf.


An officer expressed this story happened to his own granddad. His granddad went into the timberland to cut wood with a companion and a third man. There was something bizarre about the third man, yet the granddad couldn’t tell without a doubt what it was. After they had done their activity and had turned out to be worn out, the third man suggested they sleep. In like manner, the three men set down on the ground and shut their eyes.

The granddad claimed to nod off, however really kept his eyes somewhat open. He was quick to discover the explanation for the third man’s bizarre conduct. The third man hoped to check whether the other two men were resting. When he was sure they were, he put on (or removed) a belt and turned into a wolf. Be that as it may, he didn’t take after a characteristic wolf. He looked rather changed. He rapidly kept running off to an adjacent field where he trapped a pregnant female steed and ate up it totally. The man returned, took off (or put on) his belt, and set down again in human frame close to the others. While coming back to town, the third man grumbled about having a stomach hurt. As they entered the town door, the granddad whispered into the man’s ear, “When one eats up an entire steed… “But before he could complete his sentence, the third man intruded, “Had you said this to me in the woods, you would not have the capacity to state this now.”  The story, distributed in the second 50% of the nineteenth century, is one of the most seasoned and most mainstream werewolf legends in Germany.


The earliest reported case on French lycanthropy was found in 1214. In a report, Gervaise of Tilbury revealed to Emperor Otto IV that individuals in Auvergne, France supposedly transformed into wolves amid the full moon.


A hireling, named Niceros, describes, One day he was on a stroll with his host. When they happened upon a burial ground, the host all of a sudden removed his garments, urinated around them around, and changed into a wolf. Instantly after, the host (now a wolf) kept running off to the field toward a rush of eating sheep. Niceros could barely trust his very own eyes until the point that a sheep proprietor said to him that his worker had harmed a wolf with a pitch-fork. The following day, Niceros saw an injury on the neck of his host. The injury check on his neck was in the correct position where the pitchfork harmed the wolf.

So, here are the well-known 8 werewolf legends that work into totaling this legendary shape shifter’s sources. What are your thoughts on them, which myth did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

I’ll get back to you again with something new. Till then Stay safe and Take Care.

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The Whistler’s Prey in Venezuela

There’s an urban legend in Venezuela surrounding “El Silbón” (The Whistler), a figure known in the wetland fields and prairies areas called “Llanos.” The Whistler is typically depicted as an extremely starved man wearing cowpoke’s clothes, with a wide overflow cap that shrouds his skeletal face. He wanders the wide open and fixes of shrubbery during the evening, his shoulders hanging, his look cast descending. He conveys an overwhelming pack loaded with bones and half-deteriorated stays over his back.

Consistent with his name, the element ceaselessly shrieks a high harmony movement (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) that runs higher tuned in to each note. He is likewise unnaturally tall and solid, with a few records portraying him as overshadowing six meters (just about 20 feet) in tallness.


His inception isn’t clear, with a few stories giving him a role as a detestable parricide. He’s reputed to go after solitary voyagers, particularly alcoholic or unfaithful men. Legend has it, his foreboding shriek is all of a sudden heard uproarious and close, yet the source can’t be pinpointed. In spite of rationale, when the sound brings down and seems more inaccessible, the Whistler is exceptionally close. He slaughters either by choking or by dull power injury, eating up his unfortunate casualties and tossing the bones in his sack. He can be seen sometimes swimming over the high dividers of haciendas. Supplication is said to keep him away.

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Curses or Hexes

I guess this can be a perfect post for Halloween. So coming back to the topic, a curse or a Hex is a pronunciation or a wish made by any supernatural power. The word Hex comes from a German word ‘Hexe’ meaning A Witch. A curse is targeted to a particular person, object or a location. It is also considered as a witchcraft because it has been one of the common practices among the witches.  Unfortunately, to date, it exists. In order to defend yourself, you should know what you are dealing with.

Eventually, there are ways from you can understand that you are cursed.

  • If you are cursed you will suddenly start finding scary objects at your home. This is the most usual tool by dark witches is fear. Because it links people. If you think psychologically when you are convinced that you are cursed you start behaving like that. But no matter what just get rid of the spooky stuff do not keep it with you but do not throw it in a lake.
  • You may find weird symbols in your house. This happens when you are marked by a witch. And it signifies demonic activities. The sigil which you might find can be possibly marked by a knife, which can be a ritual dagger or a paint with magical ink. To protect yourself from it you can erase or remove it and throw Holy Water on it to cleanse it.
  • You might miss photographs especially old ones because it is believed that you might have your aura in them. It acts as a link with you. It can be used for both good and both purposes. Stealing them from your house means it is used for the dark purpose.
  • Missing your very personal items such as underwear, watch, jewelry, etc. As these are very closely connected to you it contents your aura directly which if gets into wrong hands can affect you badly.
  • If you start experiencing random pain. Something which you have never felt before. Go for a medical checkup if your medical reports are alright then you need to beware as someone might have cursed you. You need to monitor the pain that when it had begun during a waning moon or on the night of the full moon. Keep a log with yourself. In this case, you need to clean the shield of your aura.
  • If your plants or trees start dying or get ill. Always remember whenever something evil happens they are the first ones to get affected. Check the soil first.  If required examine the soil. In case you find any unidentified item or liquid cleanse it with Holy Water. If you find any item rather than liquid get rid of it.
  • Pet and animals also start acting weird in these cases liked unusual barking of dogs, unusual spurring of cats. As you might have heard they are more sensitive and can sense things better and more than us humans. In this situation observe their behavior and you need to cleanse your home. Either you can do it yourself with a Holy Water or you can call a priest.

Using Lemon, Salt Water Bath, Use of Selenite and White sages, Rose Water bath can always cure you of any hexes that had been done on you.

Just remember one thing, there is always a way out of every evil thing. Just believe in yourself and do no harm to anyone.

May The Peace Be with You

Stay Blessed

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The Haunted House

Hey readers I know I have been posting after a long time in Paranormal. Actually I was in search of something different.
While searching for paranormal stuff I came in contact with Melissa Wilton from Canada who isn’t only a paranormal investigator but also a lovely homemaker. As I was talking to her she told me about one of her case of a Haunted house.

Yes I know in most the paranormal cases there are haunted houses but this one is different. One thing I would like to inform, for privacy concerns I won’t be revealing the property owner’s name, evidences and place.

So here now we will read what Melisa has to say about it.

Melissa: My team was contacted by the client who described various activity in the house, including seeing a man in their home office, having things move, sounds, etc. We set up a time to go conduct an investigation. We had a team of three of us go in November 2017. The investigation was mostly uneventful, the sensitive that we worked with felt the spirit of a small white dog, which the client had seen on multiple occasions. Upon review of my audio, I discovered that we did get one response to a question that I asked. During an EVP session, a team member commented that they heard footsteps upstairs, I asked if we had a camera facing in the direction of the sound, at the time, we heard nothing, but on the recording, we could hear a man’s voice quickly saying “no”, which was the correct answer to the question I asked, we did not have a camera facing in that direction!
On that investigation, we also captured an image of something on the stairs.

We were in touch with the client on and off through the holidays and in February 2018, with an increase in activity, we decided to go back for a follow up investigation. This time, it was myself and one other investigator, a sensitive who was not there the first time.

The night before the investigation, I had a dream that I was at the client’s house with her and I began to see spiders everywhere. The dream was extremely vivid, I have never had a dream about a client or upcoming investigation, so I decided to look up the meaning of the symbols in my dream. My research indicated that she may have a strong male, protective energy in her home.

While at the investigation, the other team member I had with me, talked about a protective male spirit, a family member from long ago, possibly. While we were conducting the investigation, our EMF detectors indicated several anomalies in a few random spots, like a desk chair, where the readings were high on and close to the chair, but not anywhere else in the room. As well, our EMF detector spiked randomly for no apparent reason, while sitting on the counter. This is something that happened in the same spot on our first visit, and we still cannot figure out what was going on.

As well, while doing EVP sessions, we heard knocking and tapping at random points, with no explanation. When you listen to this on the audio, it doesn’t seem like much, but knowing what was happening, that it was disembodied, it was very exciting!

Upon review of our footage, we also discovered that orb like specs seem to follow the client around. When she is in the room, they are in the room with her, and when she leaves, they leave. There were no orbs in any rooms that she wasn’t in, despite other people moving around in the rooms. This is very strange to me, I’ve never seen anything like it, and so I find it very interesting!

The sensitive that was at the second investigation felt strongly that the client was sensitive and had protective spirits around her, with this information, combined with all of the video, photo, and audio, we helped the client find ways to learn about potential sensitivities and work on them. I am still in close contact with her. The activity continues in her home, though it doesn’t scare them. In fact, a dream that she had helped them discover that they had an electrical problem that would have caused a house fire, if they had not found it!

Now that was Melissa’s view on the investigation. But as I question a lot here in this case even I asked her a few questions. Here it goes.

Me: My first question if they are protective spirits why did she ask for investigation as your sensitive said that the client was the sensitive herself. The spirits didn’t do anything to her even?

Melissa: The client wasn’t aware that she was sensitive or that the activity in her house was surrounding her, we put it all together through our investigation process. She still isn’t able to communicate with whatever is in her house, she’s learning to receive the information and try to analyse it.

Me: In many cases we have heard from mediums that’s if there are protective spirits at a place and if someone disturbs them in dreams which is supposed to be a lucid dream they feel choked. Or any sign of warning to stay away is given. Was it the same in your case as well?

Melissa: No, I didn’t experience being choked in my dream and neither has this client. The protective nature of this spirit is different than that. It’s more of an observing loved one that feels protective in a living way, not in a possessive way.

Me: Since when is she facing the activities at her home?

Melissa: She has had experiences her entire life, but the activity seems to be picking up the older she gets (She isn’t that old, for the record lol).

Me: Does she live alone?

Melissa: She lives with her husband. He also experiences the activity.

Me: Any close person of her who might have demised?

Melissa: There wasn’t anyone that she could think of.

Me: So the spirit only protects her? Or her husband as well?

Melissa: Well, it seems connected to her, but he definitely benefits from it. For example, the dream she had about a fire caused them to check everything and that’s when they found the fuse box smoking, and severely damaged, much of it was melted. If they hadn’t found it, their house would have burned down for sure.

Me: How old is the house they are living in?

Melissa: About 30 years.

Me: Seems these spirit or spirits maintained a code of honour… Did they try to mess with you and your fellow members?

Melissa: Not at all. They didn’t seem interested in us at all the first time we went. The second time, there was a lot of minor activity, but nothing negative or scary.

Me: The house they live in was it inherited? Or they bought it?

Melissa: They bought it.

Me: They are mostly interested in her. And which means there are no chances any of you carried any energy from there with you. And the sensitive or the medium who accompanied you on your second visit to it what were his views about the spirits?

Melissa: No, definitely not, we didn’t. The sensitive felt that it was an older male spirit that was connected through family to the client.

Ok, Thank you Melissa I will end my questions here.

Melissa: You are welcome.

So readers from here we get to know that all spirits are not bad. They are good and protective too. I hope you have enjoyed the read. Once again I would like to remind you that due to privacy concerns I won’t be revealing the property owner’s name, evidences and the actual place of incident.

I will end this article here. See you soon. Till then, keep reading, keep commenting and keep supporting.

Take care

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Interview Zone: The Paranormal Investigator


Hello everyone. How have you all been? I guess great. Today I am back on Interview Zone with the interview of Miss Charlene Lowe Kemp from UK. As the title suggests Charlene is a Paranormal Investigator and a ferocious one. As everyone who reads my interviews might know I do a lot of investigation before updating anything. It took me a long time to find her. Anyways I won’t bore you all anymore and skip to the interview directly.


Moni: Hello Charlene, welcome to Interview Zone. So shall we start?

Charlene: You are welcome. Yes sure.

Moni: So Charlene is paranormal investigating your profession or is it a time pass for you?

Charlene: Paranormal investigating for me is a passion. I think everyone within the paranormal knows that to class it as a profession it would have to be a full time job and it would have to pay the bills at least to do it full time. Paranormal investigating as no professional tag to it as such, there is no set guidelines or qualifications you can take to be classed as a ‘professional within the field, I think people sometimes get the tag as a professional investigator when they have a certain amount of experience (this is normally based on years) and what you present as your findings. The key is to earn respect to be at least a creditable investigator within the community.

Moni: While investigating a place or house if you do not find anything on an investigation, does that mean the place is not haunted?

Charlene: No, activity can come in what I call waves. So people can experience a surge of activity for a number of days or weeks and things will just stop, weeks later activity can increase again. Locations that are alleged to be haunted I feel can be over worked with paranormal investigators investigating daily or every Friday or Saturday, which o think can affect the alleged haunting. Locations that aren’t investigated that much or have never been investigated seem to provide better evidence to put forward to suggest it may be haunted.

Moni: Do you take guests on your investigations?

Charlene: No I privately investigate, I used to run events where guests would attend but I found that by doing this I was just overlooking what was happening and wasn’t actually actively involved in the investigating. Many event teams won’t let their employees properly participant with the guests such as on the Ouija board in the fear that it may be suggested it was moved by the employee. It’s understandable why event teams do this but it takes the spark out of the investigator who wants to be involved I think.

Moni: You do not charge for an investigation so how do you make money?

Charlene: We don’t make any, a lot of people are in this field because they have a passion for it and something at some point triggered the fascination off in that person and I find that people do this for their own personal journey to gain the answers they need. There is ways which you can try and find for example writing books etc. but the total cost of your incoming would never amount to the money you have to pay out to do it for equipment, petrol, locations and so on.

Moni: Why do you not post all of the evidence you find at investigations?

Charlene: Facebook lives are a massive thing at the moment, it is a way of interacting with the public while you investigate and as well as yourself being there you have another set of eyes behind the camera to help. Facebook lives can be a good thing and they can provide good results for evidence but to me taking a camera and filming is a better way to investigate, you have better concentration and can review the footage much easier. If I have filmed an investigation I will post up my findings whether anything happened or not but reviewing footage and making an actual video of what happened is timely sometimes especially if you are the only one who does it. You also have to consider person consent too, if you are investigating a house the owner may not want to have it made public and that is completely understandable and their choice.

Moni: Can you help me with my psychic abilities – I have some questions?

Charlene: I can try to answer on possible ways to try and enhance your psychic abilities and offer things you could try and couldn’t promise they would work though.

Moni: Do you investigate every case reported to you?

Charlene: I offer advice to every case reported to me. I have found that 9 times out of 10 if a person reports activity they generally don’t want an investigation or they tend to back out on the last minute.

Moni: Do you do radio interviews or lectures?

Charlene: I was on pulse radio on the 22nd of May with Tom Warrington talking about all things paranormal. I have been asked to go to lectures at universities where I have said I would and their projects have fallen through and I was no longer needed to go, but in the future I would be happy to go and help out with lectures and projects, I see it as helping the field.

Moni: Are you currently adding members?

Charlene: I am currently recruiting in my team Yes, there is a certain way I think Every investigator works and I am looking closely and hand picking who I think would potentially be a credit to my team and who I can trust. Trust within the team is a massive thing.

Moni: Have you encountered any fake or fraud people in your field?

Charlene: I have worked with mediums who obviously do charge for readings and such for private readings and if the person agrees to pay this for a reading as long as the person is happy with paying for that reading and I can’t see a problem. I have seen other investigators con money from their following and fans before now. There is two incidents which stick in my mind and both investigators highly depend on donates to fund their investigations via YouTube. What each of these people did was go to YouTube and ask for money when they was experiencing personal issues within their life. They played on their following and their fans made them feel sad about their personal issues and sadly those who were blind to what they were doing and donated. The first time I saw it the person more or less said he was going to quit the paranormal then proceeded to ask for donations and even got his son involved on it (he stated he was homeless) Myself I wouldn’t go to my paranormal YouTube to tell my followers my personal life and to beg, I don’t see it being professional in the slightest. but these people know their following love them and hang on everything they say and people become threatened why they won’t provide them with the paranormal anymore…but what gets me is in the week that followed he got 2k in donations if not more and posted a brand new niche watch up….only weeks later, his friend who he works with did the exact same and for me I just don’t believe it and anyone in a personal situation like they say they were in should not be relying on their following, there is professional help they know and could have sought instead therefore I have to question their motives.

Moni: Any Particular case which had a severe impact on you? If yes please do tell us the story.

Charlene: Not a case as such but a specific haunting Yes, I recently went on the search for a haunting of a lady named Elizabeth Sheppard, who was killed in 1817 on her way back from Mansfield after trying to find work. She was only 17 at the time and she had been brutally murdered. Her killer was named as Charles Rotherham but after plenty of research on the case I found that it could be possible that he never actually did killed her and he may have been framed for it. His name has been placed on her memorial stone as the killer but the evidence suggested now strongly suggests that he never actually did it.

The haunting is of this memorial stone, it is placed where she is murdered and the hauntings of this lady is normally if this stone has to be moved.

I don’t no why but travelling to and from the locations of this case and looking into the research more, I felt a certain attachment to get this story out there and I came back and wrote a piece of it which can be found here

A Sad HAUNTING – The Tale of Elizabeth Sheppard


I am not the only one that has felt a strong connection to this case some have spent 30 odd years looking into it to find the answers. It’s like Elizabeth may haunt the area due to maybe the wrong person being convicted and it isn’t just myself like I say feels like that, it is a case that has seem to play on a lot of people and pull every ones heart strings.

Moni: Wow! Well moving on to the last question I am thinking of starting my own group. What advice can you give me?

Charlene: My advice would be to go out weekly, look at all the different theories and concepts that make up the paranormal and explore them to find your own style of investigation. There is no right or wrong way, the paranormal hasn’t even been proven to exist but I think you have to find your own style on how you want to come across whether that be spiritual, scientific or extremely skeptical.

My personal advice to anyone starting out is be open minded….never dismiss something completely without fully looking at the whole situation and analyzing it first and never think you are an expert because there is no experts in this field just people with more knowledge!

Moni: Charlene, I will end the interview here. It was a great conversation and it was lovely having you here.

Charlene: I loved it as well. Thank you.

Readers, you will find Charlene on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paranormalhauntings_/

You can also join her group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/616847231796753/

You can also like her page: https://www.facebook.com/Paranormalhauntings/

So everyone, this was Charlene. I know it was a intense conversation but I hope you will love it.. So see you again..

For any queries you can DM me at: https://www.instagram.com/deserted_queen/

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Paranormal Myths

In every country there are myths which everyone knows. There forefather’s have passed on these stories to the generations. Some say that these myths are real some say they are false or imagination of mind.

Sometime back I was doing a research on it and I came through many countries spooky myths. They are frightening. They are the creepiest and chilling myths from all around the world. I would love to share them with my readers who love to read.

As I had written in on Wattpad, I will share the link below over here. If you love paranormal. If you love myths you are free to give it a look.

Link shared below.. 👇


Feel free to read and share.

Lots of Love everyone.

See you on Sunday in Interview Zone.

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Interview Zone: An Interview with A Medium


As we all know an Ouija Board is also known as a Spirit Board or a Talking Board. The concept of Ouija board is pretty old. This wooden board includes The English Alphabets, 0-9 numbers, yes, no and some other symbols. those who do this work of calling spirits are also known as spiritualists or mediums. Well, all mediums do not use Ouija board. They can feel what others are feeling and have a gift of vision. Here when I said gift of vision I didn’t mean vision of future but they can feel the spirits. They can convey the messages of the spirits to their beloved ones. But as we all know a good medium is hard to find because some can be frauds as well.

Recently I met this lady Adrie Venter Bekkar through a friend, even I thought she is like others, so I thought of testing her. Well let me tell you its hard to describe about me as I am a tough nut to crack and Adrie did not know me at all. But I was extremely surprised when she said stuff about me which only my mother knew. I was amazed and convinced that she connected to my mother. We became friends, I knew she is a lovely lady with a sweet personality but I later got to know from others the way she helps others.

So today I asked Adrie some questions. To put it as an interview. Everyone deserves to know about her. So here we go.

Moni: When you thought of starting as a medium Where did you go for good advice?

Adrie: I never really thought of becoming a Medium – it kind of just happened lol. If I need help I always talk to Psychic Medium James Cook.

Moni: So Adrie can you tell me what are the qualities of a medium?

Adrie: Umm, Qualities
Empathy, Modesty, Passion, Reliability…
Moni: Do you remember the first time you had a valid psychic experience? Can you tell me about it? How did you feel?
Adrie: My first experience connecting was supposed to be a reading on a house, the lady had a spirit in her house and I only wanted to tell her what sort of spirit she was dealing with (up in till then I could only tell if someone was in the house and how they have passed and if the energy was good or dark) among-st all the photos she send there was a photo of her daughter, when I looked at the photo I could hear a name ….. when I gave her the name she said it was her mother … It was an amazing feeling to think that I just connected with someone’s loved one and the message that came through for her that day changed not just her life but mine too….
Moni: Wow that sounds pretty interesting. In regards to psychic abilities, is it always a guide or angel passing information, or do you have abilities of your own which are independent of your guides?
Adrie: No it isn’t always. I have my wonderful guides that help me every step of the way.
Moni: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Adrie: Oh goodness mmmm….
Psychics I think use Tarot cards, palms and astrological charts.
Mediums usually gets information from spirits that are personal and have private meanings.
Moni: Does everyone have guides, how do you recommend people get in touch with them.
Adrie: I do believe everyone have Spirit Guides. Meditation usually helps to clear the mind and get in touch with your spiritual side.
Moni: Then I think I should try it too.. haha.. Adrie do you believe that criminals will some day be prosecuted based on information given by psychics or mediums?
Adrie: I hope so. I know in some countries psychic mediums are used to help with cases.
Moni: Besides giving psychic readings, what other work do you do in this area like seminars, radio, teaching, tarot reading?
Adrie: No. I have 4 children lol doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
Moni: That sounds wonderful.. Some psychics give predictions, some don’t. How do you feel about predictions, and why do you or do you not do them for people?
Adrie: I don’t do predictions, the future’s a mystery and must remain that.
Moni: Good thinking, I must say. Have you ever been watching the news about a crime or case and known information that could break the case? Would you call authorities? If not why not?
Adrie: I never watch the news. But I think if I was to have info and had to take it to the authorities they would most likely think I am crazy.
Moni: Life after death….. can you give me your interpretation of what it is like?
Adrie: I believe most Spirit stay around to become our Guardian Angels. Death is just another step of our great journey.
Moni: Adrie, You said you went to James cook. Is he alive?

Adrie: Yes he is very much alive. He is a great person.
Moni: Do you have any advice for people who have the gift of sight, but don’t understand what is happening to them?
Adrie: Yes, would say get a Medium/Psychic to help you understand and develop your gift. And practice as much as you can …..
Moni: Anything else you want us to know about you?
Adrie: I am a Medium and I am no different than anyone else ….. I don’t have secret powers and I can’t read minds lol. I only connect with passed loved ones with permission…… I am not dark and evil like some people think. I love what I do and I love helping people ….
Moni: Thank you for your precious time to answer these questions.
So everyone reading this. Adrie is a lovely person. If you are on facebook you can join her group as well. Link is given below.

Thank you.

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