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How to keep your lips soft naturally

I remember someone I knew once used to text and tell me that I have gorgeous lips and I used to laugh at it and he used to say that it is for him to find out. However, he was the only person whom I ever allowed to comment about my lips, later on, I got to know he says that to every lady. 😉 Although I never believed his compliments. With time we were no more in contact.

Recently, some other friends of mine from mywork place started asking even if I do not apply lip balm how come my lips are soft. It made me think. Then I found out unconsciously I have been doing certain stuff and it have become a habit for me.

So here you can do these

1: Use a toothbrush. In the wake of brushing your teeth, run your toothbrush under warm water, make your lips tight, and brush them. 

2: Use a warm washcloth to clean it.

3: Try not to lick your lips!

I do only these 3 things and surprisingly it keeps my lips soft. Men and women anyone and everyone can try it out.

Obviously, I am wearing makeup otherwise I never look good

So, this was short but I guess it will be helpful for many.

See you soon again. Until then Take Care.

Monidipa Dutta Ganguly is a Psychologist and a Businesswoman by profession. A Writer, a Painter, an Avid Reader and a blogger by passion. ✌


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