Hairs-Hairs Lovely HAIRS

I love my hair. Everyone loves their own hair…… Is it not true?

I am often asked how I maintain my long hair in spite of having a busy schedule…. So my article today is about how to maintain beautiful long hair….

If you think maintaining long hair takes a long time then my lovelies you are wrong. It doesn’t take much time… I’ll tell you how ……

With the ever changing environment we hardly are able to take care of our hair which damages it…. Using proper hair care products are necessary to maintain the wellbeing of your hair. So there are 3 simple tips I would like to share ….

Tip 1: Use a good comb or brush to remove the tangled hairs and be careful not to damage your hair.

Tip 2: Comb or brush it according to the length of your hair, not to its opposite…

Tip 3: Regular oiling your hair is good, as it nourishes your hair and keeps it soft. But even if you are unable to use oil daily, at least apply oil twice or thrice in a week. To get better results keep apply hair oil for at least 30 minutes and then shampoo.

There are some great natural ingredients used as hair care products. They are Brahmi/Thyme-leafed gratiola: Indian gooseberry/Amla, Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, etc. Natural herbal ingredients like brahmi help in the growth of hair. In addition, it thickens your hair and helps in preventing hair fall. Amla/Indian gooseberry strengthens the hair scalp. It makes your hair shiny. Aloe Vera is a well-known harbor that solves various hair problems. It moisturizes and conditions your hair as well. If you want long, healthy and shiny hair, take regular care of it and use the best hair care products for your hair that suit your hair type, and not just any product you come across on the internet. Along with that, maintaining a healthy diet is equally important. If a good portion of protein and vitamins is included in the daily diet, it will help in your hair growth.

Last but not Least REMEMBER you need to be patient as it takes time for the hair to grow longer and along with that taking good care of it is also essential… Well, well, well I guess that’s enough for today.. See you all next week. Till then Take Care.

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198 thoughts on “Hairs-Hairs Lovely HAIRS

  1. Avatar
    Salona says:

    Hi love 💕 so glad ypu blogged on this. I used to have long thick hair but over the years it started becoming thinner and weaker. Such that I find it hard to style. Not sure if i am lacking in vitamins or what.

  2. Avatar
    sian says:

    Good tips here! I am trying to grow my hair whilst staying blonde at the same time and I have to put alot of time into caring for my hair now!

  3. Avatar
    David Elliott says:

    I love the way the post turned out. I just did some minor work but all the artistry is pretty amazing here. And definitely great information about taking care of hair. I have to do this with my daughter’s hair for sure as she likes to keep it long. I the pictures here add so much here.

  4. Avatar
    Aditya says:

    Whoa, hair styling with natural ingredients? That is amazing. I am pretty sure, ladies would love it, but I also wonder can this be applied for gents also? Just want to know. And you are right with tips like these, it requires patience.

  5. Avatar
    Corina says:

    YOu have awesome hair and I think it’s health comes from the inside first of all so if you’re healthy, your hair will be healthy. And thanks for the natural ingredients advice, I know they’re helpful!

  6. Avatar
    Tamalyn says:

    Your hair is just gorgeous! This summer I was so tempted to chop off my hair as I felt it was getting so hard to care for it and my husband begged me not to. Wet brushed helps a great deal from hair breaking. I also use a hair mask once or twice a week – and that really helps it to look healthy. And I drink plenty of water!

  7. Avatar
    Elizabeth O says:

    There is a lot of great advice in this post. Hair care can be really tricky especially long or curly hair. Your hair looks really lovely and healthy.

  8. Avatar
    Dogvills says:

    I use fresh aloe vera gel on my hair once a week as a deep conditioning treatment. I grow my own aloe vera plants so I always have them on hand. Caring for our hair should be as intensive as we care for our facial skin!

    • Avatar
      M says:

      Sometimes may be due to inter problems hairs are affected. I would suggest you to consult a doctor if these things dont work…

  9. Avatar
    Daisy says:

    First I have to say, you have THE most beautiful hair!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love having long hair too and it does take work to keep it healthy but I just love how it feels… I feel naked with short hair LOL

  10. Avatar
    Joanna says:

    Your hair is very beautiful! I use only high quality products on my hair and apply a natural mask once a week. I did hear about the benefits of oil but and maybe I should start using my almond one more often.

  11. Avatar
    Jackie says:

    I have long, wavy but dry hair with little shine. I love having long hair but I know it can look better…except I dislike using chemicals. I’m going to try the Amal, which I never heard of before. Thank you for bringing these tips and natural hair products to my attention!

  12. Avatar
    Chai says:

    Thank you, I won’t be surprised why you have long beautiful hair. It shows effectiveness of these tips worth keeping. Aside from long hair, i have curly hair which is more unmanageable than straight ones.

  13. Avatar
    Natalia says:

    I have very long hair and normally put them in a knot on top of my head because it gets so tangled up. I will try using oils to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  14. Avatar
    Vaibhav Mehta says:

    Monidipa yaar, firstly you look gorgeous in the pic and secondly by the end of the post I was subconsciously playing with my hair, and that when I dont even have long hair lol Interesting write-up on a rarely written about topic. You have got a nice eye for detail

  15. Avatar
    Claire says:

    Where did you get this artwork? Is it original? I love it. I also love my hair, but girl, we are a minority I think! I too find it pretty easy to maintain my hair when it is long versus short, but maybe not everyone is so lucky to have great hair. Haha!

    • Avatar
      Blair villanueva says:

      Having a long hair is awesome coz you can style and play with it, but the maintenance is crazy. And during the summer, i need to cut it off coz its feeling heavy 🙂

  16. Avatar
    Jackie says:

    Such good advice! I try to limit heat styling, keep up with trims and not brush it when it is wet. I have also had it keratin treated so I try to limit the time I wear it up now to help prevent breakages.

    – Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

  17. Avatar
    Kris Morgan says:

    I have found that applying coconut oil at least twice a week actually makes my hair grow so much faster. That in itself is amazing because I have Graves Disease which makes your hair thin out so quickly.

  18. Avatar
    Namra says:

    Great tips! Growing up with Pakistani parents, oil was used a lot in our hair!

    I’m not sure that everyone loves their own hair, I often feel that everyone just want everyone elses hair. I didn’t like my curls when I was younger, but now of course I love my hair and take better care of it as well.

  19. Avatar
    Heather says:

    Last year I cut my waist-length hair into a super-short pixie. It’s funny how long and short hair are equally high-maintenance, just in totally different ways!

  20. Avatar
    Geraline Batarra says:

    This is such a great post and very informative. I do have a long hair and I am so picky when it comes to hair products. I am glad that I am able to read this because it gives me a lot of idea in taking care of my hair naturally.

  21. Avatar
    prabasho says:

    Everytime i grow my hair, It really becomes so hard to manage that i chop it down. With kids its very hard to maintain or spare time to care

  22. Avatar
    jin says:

    Some great tips on taking care of the hair! I’ll have to look into using oil before shampooing – I like that step for a more supple and healthy hair!

  23. Avatar
    Jennifer Prince says:

    My hair is short, and it’s fine and curly. I find that it is hard for me to grow it long and have it look good. But long is lovely!

  24. Avatar
    Blair Villanueva says:

    I love my hair and I’m always interested on haircare products that would give me a gorgeous look. I never treated it with chemicals, or even color my hair. All natural and I love it.

  25. Avatar
    kumamonjeng says:

    I totally agree you need a lot of patience to take care of the long hair. I usually take 10-15 mins to blow dry my long hair and go to hairdresser for treatment once a month. You have beautiful long hair. I like it very much!

  26. Avatar
    Karla says:

    Great tips! I enjoyed reading your post! I’m trying to thicken and grow my hair because I want to have more hairstyles and it’s been a long year since I have my short hair.

  27. Avatar
    Princess Quinn says:

    I love my hair too. I had it styled and dyed it for some style. Thus, made it dry and dull. Thanks for this hair care tips.

  28. Avatar
    Nancie says:

    I prefer short hair these days. When I’ve had long hair it’s been lovely, but more maintenance than I have the patience for. Your tips are very useful for anyone who want to maintain their long tresses.

  29. Avatar
    Geraline Batarra says:

    I do have a very long hair and I am so picky to choose of what hair products that’s perfect into my hair and I am glad that I encounter to read your post and knowing your advice I will definitely follow it to if it’s also effective to my hair. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Avatar
    Rhian Westbury says:

    I don’t always think it’s the case that everyone loves their own hair, there’s always things I’d love to change. I think it’s so important to keep your hair as healthy as possible though x

  31. Avatar
    Emma Riley says:

    Wow, this is such a great read I also have a long hair and because of that I am so picky in choosing what’s a perfect product to use to prevent any damage. I am so happy to read this because it gives me an idea on how to give a proper care for my hair.

  32. Avatar
    Tonya Tardiff says:

    This is a great post. I have really long hair and caring for it can definitely get very difficult. Oiling it is a great idea!

  33. Avatar
    EG III says:

    Great advice on how to maintain long hair. I know it’s different for males and females, but I can definitely put some of your advice to use as I haven’t cut my hair in over a year!

  34. Avatar
    Annalisa Fran says:

    Your illustrations are beautiful! I’ve used amla powder before, appreciated the result. I’m not comfortable with oils, because I’ve got a greasy type of scalp, and even natural oils are difficult to remove.

  35. Avatar
    Nati says:

    These are really awesome tips for taking care of long hair! I have been blessed by nature with hair that grows like weed. I have roughly calculated that my hair grows around 30 cm per year! which is totally crazy! I recently went to the hairdresser (a new one) and asked to cut it short (up to the shoulder) and she refused at first ! haha, I always cut it short once per year and she was hesitant she told me “can I cut a little bit, then another bit, and so on?” I told her “oh, no, go ahead it will grow back!!” I was reassuring her, haha, it was so funny 😀

  36. Avatar
    Renata Green says:

    For decades I’ve been venturing between long hair – found it boring, cut it – and short hair – found it more difficult to style than long hair, let it grow. Right now I’m – again – in between.

  37. Avatar
    Jojo Hua says:

    This was really great advice. I have had short hair and I currently have very long hair. And I agree with you because when I had short hair, it was so much harder to maintain – I had to style it every day or it would look bad. Now all I do is brush it (if that!)

  38. Avatar
    Blair villanueva says:

    Aside from using my favorite haircare products, i always blow dry my hair and finger-comb it. I noticed that it makes my hair more healthy. Eatinfg healthy also helps.

  39. Avatar
    Ada says:

    You have long beautiful hair! I cut my hair short and somedays it takes me longer to style but some days I can literally run out the door!

  40. Avatar
    Sreekar says:

    Very detailed and informative post. I do attest to most of your tips. I should know, I’m a plastic surgeon and my wife is a dermatologist. These are some of the tips we tell others too!

  41. Avatar
    Leigh Anne Borders says:

    What great tips for keeping your hair healthy. I try to style my hair different ways–I have long hair. I had short hair once and I felt like that was so much harder for me.

  42. Avatar
    Kesha says:

    I’ve learn that you don’t need high priced products to have great hair. For most black women, we have to be extra careful as our hair can be more brittle. I’m so glad for the natural hair movement. Natural hair treated by natural products is the best care along with watching what you put into your body.

  43. Avatar
    Laura G says:

    Hair, hair, hair… I have that love – hate relationship with my hair. Don’t like them but also don’t take care of them. I do love that I can just tie them up and forget about them though 🙂

  44. Avatar
    Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    Your post is just in a perfect timing for me to read because I am currently looking for some remedy to take care of my hair naturally. I have very long hair and I wanted to keep it healthy and shiny. I will definitely try this tips of yours into my hair to see what’s the result for me.

  45. Avatar
    Ann Snook-Moreau says:

    My hair takes so long to grow, so thanks for these tips! I think I should start using hair oil to avoid breakage so my hair will be stronger and longer.

  46. Avatar
    Jana says:

    Thank you for the info! I am very impatient, so every time I take a vitamin or something to help my hair grow, I feel like it takes forever. Lol

  47. Avatar
    Samantha Carraro says:

    These tips are really helpful and useful. A good comb can make all the difference. I have curly hair so mine is definitely more high maintenance than straight hair, but with the right products and routine, the job is easier.

  48. Avatar
    Shaily says:

    These are great ways to maintain healthy hair. I agree our hair need nourishment and if they don’t get the proper care, they are prone to damage. I’m glad you shared the benefits of oiling.

  49. Avatar
    Amanda maguire says:

    I take 10000mg of biotin daily. It makes a huge difference. Hair grows so thick and long!!!
    Great post and full of info

  50. Avatar
    wajiha says:

    thankyou so much for this post. my hair are currently in very bad shape and i needed a good hair read to start taking care of them again! very informative!

  51. Avatar
    Carlitos I says:

    Using proper hair care products are necessary to maintain the wellbeing of your hair, I know from experience! For some reason, I neglected to take care of my hair using the proper products, thanks for this post!

  52. Avatar
    EINz says:

    My longest so far haven’t reached my waistline. I would love to try growing my hair that long but found it time consuming drying it up especially when I have an early schedule. 😬

  53. Avatar
    Ashley K. says:

    You have some really great tips here. I have some Coconut Oil in the kitchen, but I may relocate it to the bathroom to try it on my hair. It tends to be a little on the dry side, so if it can add some shine, that would be great!

  54. Avatar
    Angelle says:

    Long hair can often be a struggle, and especially if you have long hair that’s very curly. Both long hair and curly hair require the use of excellent high-quality products, preferably a natural haircare line or homemade hair products. I also look for products that don’t contain harsh detergents, SL, or alcohol as to not dry out the hair and damage it.

  55. Avatar
    Ruth I. says:

    It has always been an initial impression that people who have long hair are the ones who struggle maintaining it. You just proved them wrong. Your tips are easy and super simple.

  56. Avatar
    Princess Quinn says:

    I would love to grow my hair long and lustrous. But, constant dyeing makes it brittle and frizzy. A friend told me about aloe vera and coconut oil as home remedies. I will give them a try.

  57. Avatar
    Larrishah says:

    You have some really good tips. I usually always color my hair but I haven’t done so in over a year. I’m considering doing it again but I know I need to make sure I’m keeping my scalp oiled and maintained.

  58. Avatar
    Ellen says:

    I love those illustrations! I love my hair when it ISNT oily (lol) but sometimes I like change. I use to dye my hair a lot and now I want to dye it again, however, I don’t want to damage it. 🙁

  59. Avatar
    Backpacking Series says:

    Very good post on taking care of your hair! Some very simple to do things but can be ignored! Especially oiling! Do you thinking keeping hair oiled over night is good or bad for the hair as the recommendation is for 30 minutes and it got me thinking.

  60. Avatar
    Love You Wedding says:

    I love to keep my hair long but it tends to get dry and brittle ends that split and does not look nice so I cut it short again. I will have to try that oil trick. Any suggestions on what particular oil to use? I have heard Argan or Moroccan oil is great.

  61. Avatar
    Rose Sahetapy says:

    I remember when I was a kid, my Mom used to oil my hair before shampoo. I should do this routine again. I have a long hair and any tips of long hair treatment would be great. Your tps are amazing and I’d love to apply these tips.

  62. Avatar
    LiveLoveAndAdventure says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing. I have long thick hair which is hating this humid summer here in California. I like Tresemme Keratin products, they are inexpensive and keep my hair in good condition. I also take some great gummy hair, nail and skin vitamins! Thanks for the suggestion of the oil! I will have to try that.

  63. Avatar
    Sheena Moncatar says:

    I love the art work! Going back to the subject, they say our hair is our crowning glory! I agree. Thanks for your tips. Have a nice day. I used Argan/Moroccan oil by the way.

  64. Avatar
    Ketki says:

    I suffer from partial baldness (heredity) and i really have to put so many efforts to save the ones that i have. These are good tips. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Avatar
    Sarbjit singh says:

    My hair is getting thinned daily and there is a lot of breakage too.
    I have tried various oils coconut, Amla, brahmni, ayurvedic etc….but nothing is working. Pls do suggest some remedial measures. !!l

  66. Avatar
    HilLesha says:

    I used to have a love/hate relationship with mine, but I have learned to love my hair as I have gotten older. My hair may be different than some, seemingly have a personality of its own, and go through its fair share of good and bad days, but ultimately, it’s my hair. I believe Jill Scott said it best, “For me, hair is an accouterment. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory.”

  67. Avatar
    Melissa says:

    I used to have long hair, but it is all falling out now, so I have to keep it short. I wish it was still long though.

  68. Avatar
    Laurie Gannon says:

    The artwork of this post is so, so good! My hair is medium length and I am getting old, so it is getting harder and harder to maintain it. I haven’t tried hair oil in quite some time but will look into that. Like now.

  69. Avatar
    Jessica Lynn Martin says:

    These are great tips about long hair. I have long hair and I agree with this advice. I love using aloe vera or coconut oil for my hair. You are right, it is not hard keeping up with long hair, definitely easier than most people think.
    I love the art in this post. Very pretty!

  70. Avatar
    Casey says:

    Hair says a lot about a person, btw you do have lovely wavy hair. How do you keep it like this? do you use hair curler or natural? Btw, your drawing skills are as good as your hair. Like it!

  71. Avatar
    Aiai Damigo says:

    I have a wavy hair since birth and i always get jealous to girls with straight hair, I grow up and got a job and made my hair straight, but after that i swear i dont want straight hair again. I am now loving my wavy hair 🙂

  72. Avatar
    Dalene Ekirapa says:

    I can see why you love your hair. I love it too. Such thick and healthy locks are ones I wish I had too. I’m glad that’s it’s actually not so much work to maintain it, as long as you love it.

  73. Avatar
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    Winters can be harsh on the skin and hair. To avoid frizz and dryness, I spray coconut oil on my hair and wrap it in a warm towel 30 minutes to an hour before I shampoo. That really gives a nice shine to it. I do deep hot oil treatments (DIY coconut oil) on my scalp once a week. I believe that if your scalp is healthy, then the hair that will grow will be healthy too.

  74. Avatar
    Marysa says:

    I try to use all natural hair products. My hair is a little damaged from too much styling with a flat iron and hair dryer, but I have it below my shoulders and I always loved having some length to it.

  75. Avatar
    Konstantina says:

    My hair grow surprisingly fast. I didn’t pay attention until recently. I mostly use natural products and aboid heating tools to get the best results. Great post!!

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