I guess this can be a perfect post for Halloween. So coming back to the topic, a curse or a Hex is a pronunciation or a wish made by any supernatural power. The word Hex comes from a German word ‘Hexe’ meaning A Witch. A curse is targeted to a particular person, object or a location. It is also considered as a witchcraft because it has been one of the common practices among the witches.  Unfortunately, to date, it exists. In order to defend yourself, you should know what you are dealing with.

Eventually, there are ways from you can understand that you are cursed.

  • If you are cursed you will suddenly start finding scary objects at your home. This is the most usual tool by dark witches is fear. Because it links people. If you think psychologically when you are convinced that you are cursed you start behaving like that. But no matter what just get rid of the spooky stuff do not keep it with you but do not throw it in a lake.
  • You may find weird symbols in your house. This happens when you are marked by a witch. And it signifies demonic activities. The sigil which you might find can be possibly marked by a knife, which can be a ritual dagger or a paint with magical ink. To protect yourself from it you can erase or remove it and throw Holy Water on it to cleanse it.
  • You might miss photographs especially old ones because it is believed that you might have your aura in them. It acts as a link with you. It can be used for both good and both purposes. Stealing them from your house means it is used for the dark purpose.
  • Missing your very personal items such as underwear, watch, jewelry, etc. As these are very closely connected to you it contents your aura directly which if gets into wrong hands can affect you badly.
  • If you start experiencing random pain. Something which you have never felt before. Go for a medical checkup if your medical reports are alright then you need to beware as someone might have cursed you. You need to monitor the pain that when it had begun during a waning moon or on the night of the full moon. Keep a log with yourself. In this case, you need to clean the shield of your aura.
  • If your plants or trees start dying or get ill. Always remember whenever something evil happens they are the first ones to get affected. Check the soil first.  If required examine the soil. In case you find any unidentified item or liquid cleanse it with Holy Water. If you find any item rather than liquid get rid of it.
  • Pet and animals also start acting weird in these cases liked unusual barking of dogs, unusual spurring of cats. As you might have heard they are more sensitive and can sense things better and more than us humans. In this situation observe their behavior and you need to cleanse your home. Either you can do it yourself with a Holy Water or you can call a priest.

Using Lemon, Salt Water Bath, Use of Selenite and White sages, Rose Water bath can always cure you of any hexes that had been done on you.

Just remember one thing, there is always a way out of every evil thing. Just believe in yourself and do no harm to anyone.

May The Peace Be with You

Stay Blessed

Written by M
Bibliophile, Full-time Blogger, Businesswoman as well as a Psychological Counsellor. Caffeine addict ☕