Clothes Men Can Wear To Impress Ladies

This is a guest post by a creative entrepreneur Jael Perkins. She is currently based in Minnesota. She is also a fashion and cosmetology student. She has been blogging since 2014 and has successfully worked with over 40 brands.

Jael Perkins


Want to do something special for your lady this season? Change up your style. In this post I am going to share some styling tips that will be sure to impress your woman. 

Casual: When you’re planning a casual look it is best to keep it simple. A button down shirt and a pair of jeans can never do you wrong. T-shirts are acceptable if paired with either boots or some sort of outerwear. 

Jamie Dornan in Casual clothes. Image courtesy: Google

Formal: A formal look doesn’t have to be the norm (tuxedo). You can always spice up your look by wearing a button down shirt and dress pants. A light but fancy outerwear is sure to make you stand out. I especially love when guys risk it all and wear colors that are considered feminine like pink, red, orange and so on. Those colors make you stand out because it’s not very common to see a guy wearing them. Accessories also play a very big role in the look being complete. Wristwatch, chain, necklace or even rings add a little bit of jazz to the look.


Fragrances: A nice scent is an attention grabber, not only does it secure the attention of the lady you’re trying to talk to but it makes others feel like you’re important. Researchers in Europe published a study about personality and individual differences of journal about men and women’s mate selection factor and scents were top of the list.

Well fitted jeans: Jeans are timeless clothing items. Any guy regardless of age or body type needs a good pair in his closet. The versatility of jeans is what makes it very important. It has the power to dress up or dress down a look and can take you many places.  

Shahrukh Khan.
Image courtesy: Google

Stylish footwear: I have always said that shoes are the window to your style. Based on your shoes women can interpret a number of things before you even start talking. Flimsy shoes make you look cheap, worn out shoes seems like you don’t care about yourself but stylish Oxfords, Monk Straps and Italian leather shows that you’ve got a good taste. And they are worth investing in.


V-neck sweaters: V-neck sweater has an edge over crew neck because of the versatility. You can wear a plain white V-neck and it doesn’t resemble an undershirt. The shape makes your cheekbones appear wider than your jawline, which gives you an athletic look and stronger appeal.

Shahrukh Khan.
Image courtesy: Google

Last but not least, confidence. You can wear the fanciest of clothes and have all the money but a woman will always know when you are insecure. Accept who you truly are and understand that no matter how you present yourself you’re still the best. Own your look, own your style and own who you are and everything else will fall in place.

My Point of View

Though I like men in formals because they are absolute turn ons, but still, I liked whatever Jael suggested. Confidence for sure makes a man perfect. For more on fashion, you can check out Jael’s blog Simply Jaelicious

So what are your thoughts on Ms Perkin’s suggestion let me know in the comment below.

See you soon again. Till then take care.

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Tips to Use Bronzer

Bronzer is a popular product for make-up lovers yet it is pretty famous. Bronzer is generally utilized to imitate a sun-kissed gleam and upgrade a tan. Bronzing cosmetics can be utilized to obscure zones of the skin without covering it, or to include warmth. Bronzer is an awesome method to make your skin look brilliant and solid.

Firstly, you have to locate a bronzer that really coordinates your skin tone (truly, we have an exhaustive guide) to relieve your odds of resembling a Cheeto.  At that point, delicately rub a cushy mixing brush over the bronzer, tap off any abundance, and twirl it in little concentric circles over your hairline, from one sanctuary to the next.

Contouring your cheekbones is route less demanding than you’ve been persuaded. Simply reload your brush in bronzer, swipe a line of powder from your ear to the apple of your cheek, at that point tenderly mix it out utilizing little round brush strokes, as opposed to a forward and backward wiper movement.

After dusting the hairline and cheekbones, completely off the edge by mixing more bronzer along the edge of your jawline, whirling from the base of your jaw to the jaw. Make a point to straddle the edge of your jaw bone—instead of applying all the bronzer to the side of your face—at that point keep mixing under your button and down your neck.

Powder bronzers (as opposed to cream bronzers) are so sheer, they won’t abandon you with a ulta-thin, self-evident looking lines. Compass atouch of bronzer down each side of your nose (make a point to tap off the abundance from your brush, first) for an unpretentious shape.

Special Thanks to Susan Yara  from New Beauty Magazine for the pictures.

So dear make up loving beautiful ladies I hope this is going to help you a lot.

See you soon again…

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My Graphic Tee’s

Today while de-cluttering my cupboard I came through some of my old graphic tees which I bought from while I was in UK. These reminded me that I have always been a die-hard fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and a bit of sarcastic bibliophile.

Aren’t they cute? I am seriously going to miss them. By the way, what are your thoughts on graphic tees?

Among these which one you liked the most and why?

I would love to know your thoughts below in comments.

See you next week until then Take Care.


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Shopping Relieves Stress

As everyone who read my last post knows I was pretty upset due to “stuff” thank you for wishing good for me. And those who said “This too shall pass” you guys have won my heart. Well on Thursday night after reading (Thanks to David), I started feeling normal. But, it was short lived; within the very next hour I read something which again pissed me off..

So on the very next day I decided to go for shopping as I knew now this is the only thing that will help me. Though it is monsoon here still Shopping is always great isn’t it?

Pictures Copyright:

So as I was saying shopping, I love wearing maxi dresses. And to be very honest as I do not have a photographer who can click my pictures in all these dresses I have to upload the pictures of only the dresses. Though I must thanks Fbb because I loved their collection this time…

Though I love black but this last blue dress captured my heart. And now I can say I am FINE. 

Happy Shopping and Thank You readers for being by my side.

See you Soon..

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Hairs-Hairs Lovely HAIRS

I love my hair. Everyone loves their own hair…… Is it not true?

I am often asked how I maintain my long hair in spite of having a busy schedule…. So my article today is about how to maintain beautiful long hair….

If you think maintaining long hair takes a long time then my lovelies you are wrong. It doesn’t take much time… I’ll tell you how ……

With the ever changing environment we hardly are able to take care of our hair which damages it…. Using proper hair care products are necessary to maintain the wellbeing of your hair. So there are 3 simple tips I would like to share ….

Tip 1: Use a good comb or brush to remove the tangled hairs and be careful not to damage your hair.

Tip 2: Comb or brush it according to the length of your hair, not to its opposite…

Tip 3: Regular oiling your hair is good, as it nourishes your hair and keeps it soft. But even if you are unable to use oil daily, at least apply oil twice or thrice in a week. To get better results keep apply hair oil for at least 30 minutes and then shampoo.

There are some great natural ingredients used as hair care products. They are Brahmi/Thyme-leafed gratiola: Indian gooseberry/Amla, Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, etc. Natural herbal ingredients like brahmi help in the growth of hair. In addition, it thickens your hair and helps in preventing hair fall. Amla/Indian gooseberry strengthens the hair scalp. It makes your hair shiny. Aloe Vera is a well-known harbor that solves various hair problems. It moisturizes and conditions your hair as well. If you want long, healthy and shiny hair, take regular care of it and use the best hair care products for your hair that suit your hair type, and not just any product you come across on the internet. Along with that, maintaining a healthy diet is equally important. If a good portion of protein and vitamins is included in the daily diet, it will help in your hair growth.

Last but not Least REMEMBER you need to be patient as it takes time for the hair to grow longer and along with that taking good care of it is also essential… Well, well, well I guess that’s enough for today.. See you all next week. Till then Take Care.

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Magic of Foundation

Foundation is one of the essential components of the base make up but we have to struggle to choose this perfect foundation so it suits our skin. Of course it is a struggle to find a perfect foundation but if you keep in mind some basic facts, you can easily find the right foundation for you!

I will start with skin type. While selecting foundation for your skin, your skin type plays a very important part. You can’t just go and buy any random foundation, right? You need to buy foundation as per your skin tone and skin type. If you have yellowish skin you can buy any warm shade of foundation. And if you have a reddish skin you can opt for cool shade. Many even have neutral skin tone in this case you need to choose the neutral shade foundation.

Matte Finish foundations are recommended for oily skin. For dry skin choose a foundation that would consist of moisturizer as well. Those who have normal skin type can choose any type of foundation according to their preferences.

How to choose your foundation shade?

If the skin is oily then choose a shade lighter than your original skin shade because the oily skin has the tendency to oxidize the foundation. If the skin is dry then you can choose the foundation according to the shade of the skin. The same applies to normal skin.

Use your Jawline to choose the foundation, not the wrist. First of all the foundation you want to buy, apply it with your finger on your jawline. Now let it mix well with the skin. Then wait for some time. Go out in the daylight and see if the Foundation shade is right for you because only during daylight you can determine your exact skin shade.
If possible, wait for a while to see if the Foundation’s shade is oxidizing. If everything goes well go ahead, buy it.

Now while shopping for foundation online take out the foundation which you are already using. Now see which shade is suiting you and your skin. Find the name of your brand and shade which suits you the best and google it. You will find many links that will show you the swatch of the Foundation’s shade. Now compare your current foundation and the picture of the swatch you want to buy and also watch your skin in the mirror in the day light. If you are getting a shade nearby then search the name of that shade again. Keep in mind it is impossible to match a shade in one go. If you find any swatch almost nearby your skin color then you can buy it as well.
Take time while you are browsing for foundation online, if you can give time then you may get the perfect foundation for you on online.

See you soon, Take care

(Image source- Internet)

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Lipstick has many colors. Regardless of the time of modernization, lipstick will always be there. For a few days bright colors like red, orange and pink were running very fast. Brown, Maroon and Coffee Tone Lipstick are now running alongside them. The Pink Leap was very popular so long ago. Now Brown has replaced Pink in place. Dark colors are in progress, but all those who choose to decorate are keeping the nude color lipstick fit with the skin.

So yes, today’s topic is about Lipstick.


Nude Lipstick is suitable for any dress, time, and age as well and it goes with any dress, irrespective of colour. So nude lipstick is the most flurried trend of nowadays. Nude lipstick does not mean a colour. These include colour variation. Nude lipsticks comes in many colours, such as pink, reddish, brown, pitch, coffee etc., countless.

Lipstick has many brands. Popular brands include Mac, Revlon, Lakme, etc. Choosing a brand is important but choosing a lipstick which goes with your complexion is necessary. Taking care of your skin and choosing a lipstick according to your complexion is equally important.

Red or any dark colour lipstick would be absolutely perfect for white skin. If your skin is yellowish or warm brown; coral and pitch colours will be easily adaptable. Light Pink, Orange, Caramel Shade lipsticks fit for olive coloured skin. And for bright complexion; bronze, deep plum, berry, caramel shade lipstick will go well.

Combine lip colour or lipstick colour, then wear a lip liner and then use the preferred lipstick. By doing this not only your lipstick stability will increase but your lip colour would become more attractive. And if you are not comfortable by only using lipstick you can use a little bit of lip gloss as well.

That’s all for today. See you all on Sunday with the Interview.


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